Brockton is a food desert.

Our mission is to make local, organic, and seasonal food available to everyone who lives there. 


In September 2022, we launched a local food delivery program in and around Brockton.  Our goal is to provide food-insecure people with the best fruits and vegetables from nearby farms, all at discounted prices. This way, everyone can experience the joy of cooking and eating locally.


Our Story

The founders of Digger Foods started selling local food to low-income people in Boston in 2017. That year, Cathy Wirth, then Director of Agriculture for the Trustees of Reservations, launched the Trustees Mobile Farmers Market. She hired Philip Messier to manage the market in 2018, and Bonny Tsang joined the crew the next year. 

In 2022, Philip, Cathy and Bonny formed Digger Foods with the hope of sharing the abundance of Massachusetts farms with the people of Brockton.


Our Vision

Cooking and eating should be joyful acts. This is doubly true when a meal is made up of vegetables and fruit which are in season, fresh, organic, and come from local farms.

We hope to be part of a future in which everyone can share in these joys.


Philip Messier

Philip managed a different mobile farmers market in Boston from 2018 until 2022. He's passionate about fresh, organic vegetables, and finding new ways to use them in the kitchen. He lives in Sharon, MA with his wife and two kids, ages three and one.

C.Wirth Bio Pic.jpg

Cathy Wirth

has over fifteen years of experience working on issues across the food system, including food access, hunger and food security, and sustainable agriculture. She is passionate about building strong and equitable food systems for both producers and consumers. She currently serves as the Interim Executive Director of Just Roots, a food justice non-profit based in Western Massachusetts. Previously, she was the Agriculture Program Director at The Trustees, where she oversaw vegetable and livestock farming operations on the organization’s conservation land. She also ran an early childhood obesity prevention initiative out of Northeastern University and managed food access programming at Bowdoin Street Health Center in Dorchester. Cathy has lived in California, where she got her master’s degree in International Agricultural Development at UC Davis and researched food insecurity among farmworkers, as well as in Pennsylvania, where she taught gardening and nutrition education in Philadelphia schools with The Food Trust. She also served as a Fulbright fellow in Ecuador, studying the impact of urban agriculture in Quito. Cathy grew up in Western Massachusetts, and currently lives in Carrboro, NC with her husband and twin six-year-olds. She loves gardening, playing frisbee, hiking, and running around with her kids. 


Bonny grew up in New York City, and began working in small, organic agriculture in Massachachusetts after graduating from Harvard's Kennedy School in 2019. She's back in New York City now, where she serves as deputy chief of staff to one of New York's deputy mayors.

Bonny Tsang

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