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Brockton is a food desert.

Digger Foods is on a mission to make local, organic, and seasonal food available to everyone who lives there.

We believe cooking and eating should be joyful acts.

 Our goal is to provide food-insecure people with the best fruits and vegetables from nearby farms, all at discounted prices.


Our food delivery program launched in 2022 and has been growing ever since.

How do we do it? 

1 / We partner with local farmers

Thanks to the generous support of our funders, we're able to purchase high-quality, local produce to sell at majorly discounted costs to Brockton residents.

2 / We deliver to housing projects in Brockton and host pop-up farmer's markets.

Our team connects with local housing and other organizations to find where fresh produce is needed most. Then, we schedule deliveries to that area on a weekly basis. We also host four year-round retail markets. Check our schedule for the latest info!

3 / Our donors + volunteers make it possible.

Our goal is to provide food-insecure residents with the freshest produce at the lowest possible cost. Our donors and volunteers make that happen.

“Thanks to Digger Foods I'm able to purchase organic produce for my family that would have been impossible before.”

- Jenny S., Brockton, MA 

Planting Seeds 

Caswell Foundation

Generous donors like these cover 100% of our operating costs. That means every dollar you give goes directly to helping feed Brockton residents. 

Volunteers help our organization grow!

Are you passionate about making local food accessible to everyone? Then Digger Foods has a job for you! We are always looking for dedicated impact makers to help us pack, schedule, and deliver produce to our delivery sites. Get connected and see how you can volunteer! 

Digger Foods volunteers packing local produce to deliver to Brockton
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